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Outside Oslo Collage

Following My Dream: Beginning the Book Proposal

Why do we ever do anything other than to follow our dreams? Even the ones we don’t know we have yet, the ones that are taking shape? There was a time when my boss–the news director at the TV station where I worked–advised me, for the sake of my credibility as a budding journalist, to […]

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Daily Writers' Fix: October 29-November 2

Daily Writers’ Fix: October 29-November 2

How to use Daily Writers’ Fix Monday: Sight Look outside your window, the one you’re sitting closest to right now. Spend ten minutes freewriting, jotting down whatever comes to mind. Tuesday: Smell Who used to live here, who will live here in the future? Tell this house’s story, letting the sense of smell guide the […]

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Friday Forum: The Giver

  I loved The Giver. Reading it in middle school furthered my fascination with science fiction and opened my eyes to themes that I continue to explore today in my own writing. Now, to my delight, Lois Lowry has done it again. Last week she released the fourth and final book of The Giver quartet, […]

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Writer’s Kitchen: Homemade Chai

We love nothing more than curling up with a blanket and a book and a hot cup of chai tea on autumn days. It’s a good thing that reading is essential work for writers! I made a batch of homemade chai concentrate last week and had it waiting for Sarah when she arrived home from […]

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Daily Writers' Fix: October 22-26

Daily Writers’ Fix: October 22-26

How to use Daily Writers’ Fix Monday: Sight Perched high above a city street, what does this bird observe below? Use this prompt as an exercise to open up your imagination, using it to envision a place and what’s happening there in detail–without actually seeing it. Tuesday: Smell Autumn is full of opportunities to explore […]

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Books and toys

Back to basics with Children’s books

I love stories. As a new mom and a writer, I couldn’t wait to introduce my little boy to books. Now my heart swells with joy as I see how he has graduated from chewing on the covers to giggling as he turns the pages and points to the pictures. As I read to him […]

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