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A Productive January

The month of January is a crucial time for writers; the new year sets the stage for new goals and new habits, and the first few weeks can set the tone for momentum moving on through the rest of the year. Since one of the common struggles amongst writers is coming up with ideas, we […]

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Friday Forum: 1/25

When I look at the photo above…I’ll be honest, I have no idea what I’m looking at. My husband, however, sees a telecom rack. I’m not entirely sure what a telecom rack is, but maybe not knowing can be beneficial.  Perhaps a writer’s imagination can cook up something a little more interesting. Try this exercise for […]

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Goal Setting Guide

Our mission with Nooks & Cranberries has always been to provide inspiration and tools to help you along your writing journey. Sometimes our support comes in the form of photos or destinations, and sometimes in the form of writing gossip and recipes. This time we’d like to share a worksheet put together to help you […]

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