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Daily Writers’ Fix: Grab Bag

Choose a word. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a noun, verb, or adjective, as long as it relates to a story you’re working on. Find a language dictionary online and translate your word to the language of your choice. Without thinking of the meaning of the translated word, spend 10 minutes freewriting about what associations […]

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Daily Writers’ Fix: Taste

Your character is at a Parisian bar. Alone. Is he waiting for someone? Has the rest of the party left? What’s going through his mind as he sips his beverage of choice? (And as we discussed yesterday, make the details count, whether he orders a whiskey on the rocks, a dirty martini, or a simple […]

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Countdown to NaNoWriMo

Wow, it’s already October 29. Can you believe autumn is already in full swing? The last few weeks have flown by, and NaNoWriMo is coming up more quickly than it should! I first heard about National Novel Writing Month a few years ago, and though I’ve used the concept as an inspiration to increase my […]

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Daily Writers’ Fix: Touch

It’s getting cold out there! Whether it’s itchy but stylish, the softest cashmere, or a heavy wool wool that blocks out the fiercest wind, what does your favorite sweater or coat say about you? Silly question, you may say, but think about it seriously. Now, if you’re a fiction writer, think about your characters’ clothes. […]

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