From the Pros: Tips for Productivity

*Guest post by Lynnette Bonner* Let’s face it. We’re all busy. Most of us writers have that disruptive day job that constantly cuts into our writing time. Many of us have children, grandchildren, church, exercise, and other volunteer activities we feel are important to squeeze into our day too. So where does that leave time […]

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Reaching Out for Inspiration

One of my favorite means of finding inspiration is talking to other writers. Nothing shakes off the cobwebs gathered during a stint of writer’s block quite like a good conversation with an author who has been in your shoes. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of touching base with some fantastic writers, some of whom are […]

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A Productive April

A beautiful spring here in Seattle has beckoned us to explore sunny nooks and relish pre-summer trips. We’ve been busy learning from other writers and stretching our own craft as we’ve pressed forward, reaching and expanding in our own individual niches. To begin with, we wrapped up a Destination Inspiration: Portland series with a taste […]

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Daily Writer’s Fix: April 29-May 3

How to use Daily Writers’ Fix Monday: Sight Don’t always rush to delete the outtakes. Stop for a moment and see if they can inspire your writing in any way. Tuesday: Smell Each place has its own smell, that aroma that’s carried along by the breeze or suspended in a stuffy space. Even the apparent […]

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Daily Writer’s Fix: April 22-26

What are the things on your to-do list that you keep telling yourself you’ll get around to sooner or later? I’m not talking about writing deep-cleaning the house or getting the piano tuned. I’m talking about things related to your writing career that don’t exactly have to do with the act of writing itself. They’re […]

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Daily Writer’s Fix: April 15-19

How to use Daily Writers’ Fix Monday: Sight What’s at the end of the road? Tuesday: Smell How does the season further set the stage for the action happening in your story? Wednesday: Sound How far will your character travel? Thursday: Touch Capture a sense of springtime through one of the lesser-likely senses, touch. Friday: […]

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