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Daily Writers’ Fix: Grab Bag

Create a short story or poem using all of the following words. And don’t forget to share what you come up with by leaving us a comment! Stowaway Top ten Luminescence Vital signs Too late Ephemeral Fleeting Daughter Grandma Roses Saffron Broken mirrors Smoke and mirrors

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Daily Writers’ Fix: Taste

It’s all about the weather. You hear it from the meteorologist on the TV, make small talk about it, complain when it gets too hot or too cold. Weather can set the tone for your scene, too. But can you write about the weather without actually saying “It’s cold”? For today’s Daily Writers’ Fix, skip […]

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Daily Writers’ Fix: Touch

Tree climbing, fantasy tree houses, enchanted forests–everyone has a tree story. What’s yours? Return to your childhood and describe the feeling of bark on your hands as you climbed a tree. Or make a wildly enchanted forest seem believable by describing the feel of things your readers can relate to such as branches scraping one’s […]

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Daily Writers’ Fix: Sound

A chill runs up a secondary character’s spine as she sits on the bow of a boat listening to the gentle lapping of waves at dusk. Describe that sound in such a way that your reader will literally feel the same chill.

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Naked City Taphouse

Destination Inspiration: Naked City Taphouse

“Come In. Sit Long. Drink Beer. Talk Much.” So says the sign hanging over the kitchen in Naked City Taphouse in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. Here, the beer showcases the best of the Northwest, the wine is selected with care, and the food is exceptional beyond the normal pub grub. The two of us spend our […]

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Dear Writer

Dear Writer,

We’re two Seattle writers always seeking out the best places—cafés, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.—to inspire us and spark our imagination. Surrounded by craggy, snow-capped mountains to the east and the ever-undulating blue waters to the west, we’re constantly amazed by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the endless inspiration it provides for the writer […]

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