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Dream Destinations: Proust’s Cabourg

The little signs of late spring–longer days, blossoms waking up after hibernation, sunny days with cloud-dotted blue skies–have me thinking back to Normandy. Last May my husband and I embarked on an adventure, a European road trip starting in northwest France. It had been nearly nine years since I had last seen the Norman countryside and visited its charming towns while studying in Normandy during college. Looking back to my two visits to Cabourg, I’m thinking it would make a wonderful writing destination.

Cabourg, pictured here, is one of my favorite towns in Normandy. With a main street guiding visitors to the Grand Hotel and casino at the water’s edge, the seaside town is full of picturesque storefronts, gabled and half-timbered architecture, and a fresh, crisp marine wind.

Cabourg is known for being the Balbec of Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, and a favorite vacation spot of the French novelist.

With a literary tie like that, of course it would make a great writing spot! What are some of your Dream Destinations as a writer?