Get Writing!

You can read all you want about writing–and we encourage you to do so!–but you also need to write. You know that awful little phrase “writer’s block”? Well, banish it from your usage. Daily Writers’ Fix is designed to make sure you never lack something to get the words flowing, and you’ll find links to all past tips right here on this page.

How to use Daily Writers’ Fix:

  • Visit Nooks & Cranberries every Monday morning to find the new week’s tips (posted at 5 a.m. PST for you early birds) or subscribe so you never miss a post.
  • Peruse past tips for one that sparks an idea in your mind.
  • For five days of the week, Daily Writers’ Fix incorporates one of the five senses. Use that sense along with the photo and tip or catch phrase, or just combine portions of the tip–whatever inspires you.
  • Share what you write in the comment section.

Happy writing!

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