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Friday Forum: The Giver


I loved The Giver. Reading it in middle school furthered my fascination with science fiction and opened my eyes to themes that I continue to explore today in my own writing. Now, to my delight, Lois Lowry has done it again. Last week she released the fourth and final book of The Giver quartet, Son.

I’m anxious to reread the series before diving into the conclusion and part of me is a bit nervous. Do I really want it to end? I had grown so fond of these stories as a child that I can still remember certain bits of the first novel to a T without pulling out the book. Has there ever been a story like that for you? One that stirs memories and feelings that are over a decade old? It’s the kind of punch I strive for in my own writing and I can’t help but feel inspired and a little jealous at the same time.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on the release of Son? Have you read The Giver series? Is there a series from your childhood that you wish would release one more book? Do tell. 🙂


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