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Daily Writers’ Fix: October 29-November 2

How to use Daily Writers’ Fix



Look outside your window, the one you’re sitting closest to right now. Spend ten minutes freewriting, jotting down whatever comes to mind.



Who used to live here, who will live here in the future? Tell this house’s story, letting the sense of smell guide the reader. Do you smell simmering soup from happy days gone by, fresh flowers gracing the entrance and welcoming guests at a party? What about fresh, tropical air flooding through the rooms when a new owner takes possession and opens it up?



Take your main character on a road trip. What’s on his or her playlist?



There’s no snow in sight–yet. So if you’re writing a scene that takes place outside in the winter, you have to imagine. Today describe the feelings of winter, from the sting of sleet on your exposed skin to to the feeling of a snowball sticking to your mittens. Make a list if you wish, or develop your descriptions into a scene or a poem.



You’re eating at a restaurant on Santorini–or any other Greek island–and admiring a remarkable view. Describe what you’re eating and drinking, the climate, your surroundings, who you’re with, and what’s going through your mind.

Grab Bag:

Today, in honor of National Novel Writing Month, challenge yourself to write 1,667 words–the daily average to meet the NaNoWriMo goal–whether you’re participating or not. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a short story draft or a journal entry, or perhaps 1,667 words of freewriting. Just let the words flow.

Suggestion: If you have a writing project or assignment you’re procrastinating on, consider using today to kick it into gear.

Grab Bag Bonus:

Place your character in a new city, somewhere she’s never been before. She just arrived. What does she look forward to most, and what does she dread? How does the way she approaches a new place color her personality?

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