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Destination Inspiration: Walla Walla’s Green Spoon

Green Spoon Exterior

Have you ever been in a group where everyone wanted something different? Well, one of our favorite lunching places in Walla Walla solves that problem. With variety on the menu and fresh ingredients at hand, the Green Spoon offers something for everyone.


Advertised as serving food that is fresh, healthy and delicious, we found the Green Spoon to be just that! The vegetables looked as though they had just been picked, crisp and ripe, from the garden and the sandwiches are hearty and well stuffed. The menu offers many styles of food from Greek, Thai and Mexican, all the way to a classic BLT or mac n’ cheese.

Green Spoon Power Bowl

Location and Atmosphere

On Main street in downtown Walla Walla, the Green Spoon is located near several tasting rooms and shops, making it a convenient place to stop for a fresh lunch or hearty dinner after a long day of tasting and shopping. The atmosphere is light and modern, with art from local artists displayed on the walls.

Green Spoon Interior Entrance

Writeability and Purchased Presence

During non-peak hours, the Green Spoon is a great place to grab a bite and a drink and linger for a while with your notebook. The staff is very accommodating and often happy to answer questions about the menu, or even non-menu related questions. However, out of courtesy, keep an eye on the traffic flow and make sure you’re not taking up a table too long during rush hours unless you’ve ordered a full meal.


Lunch prices can range from $9-12 and dinner entrees can get up to $22, which is reasonable for the quality of ingredients and portion size.

Green Spoon Salmon and Asparagus Salad


Free parking is on Main St. and side streets.

Writer’s Tip

To get your writing juices flowing, try this writing exercise. Once you’ve placed your order, as your server two quick questions. #1 What’s the most popular item on the menu, and #2 What is an item not frequently ordered. With this in mind, imagine your character sitting in the Green Spoon, would they order the most popular item, or something else? Jot down notes for a scene in which your character is sitting with someone who makes an unusual request from the menu, how does your character react?

Find It

The Green Spoon Walla Walla
13 E Main St
Walla Walla, WA

Green Spoon Interior



This meal was complimentary, courtesy of Tourism Walla Walla.


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