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Writer’s Kitchen: Food Bloggers Getting Book Deals

It’s a pretty exciting week for food bloggers. In the past week two of my favorites have announced book deals! Last Thursday, Hannah Queen told her readers over at Honey & Jam that she is now working on writing and photographing a cookbook of cake recipes, tentatively called Farm to Cake (Spring 2015, Stewart, Tabori & […]

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Writer’s Kitchen: Last-Minute Holiday Appetizers

Yesterday we covered last-minute host/hostess gifts, and today we have the answer to what to bring to a potluck when you’re strapped for time (perfect for when you’re on deadline!). Served with baguette slices and endive leaves, a Caesar salad-flavored dip will be a hit. And who wouldn’t enjoy the salty, briny flavors of baked […]

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Gateau Breton

Writer’s Kitchen: NaNoWriMo, Voting, & Gâteau Breton

Who really thinks of baking a cake at 9:15 p.m. on the first day of NaNoWriMo? Me! I made it to 1,736 words the morning of November 1–which exceeded the necessary daily average word count by 69–so maybe it was no big deal. But considering some days will be too busy to write at all, […]

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Writer’s Kitchen: Homemade Marshmallows

We may have had a mild summer here in Seattle, but these sunny, mild October days almost make up for it. I’ve only had to wear a coat on one or two occasions so far and am still in the transition phase of my wardrobe. However, the mornings are getting crisper and starting to bring […]

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coconut cookies

Writer’s Kitchen: Quick coconut cookies

My book group starts in just two hours and I have a delicious tarte Tatin in progress. However, I got to thinking, if I was low on time and still wanted to offer hospitality with some homemade baked goods, some Scandinavian coconut cookies would be a great alternative to a French tart. With just four […]

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Absinthe Cake

Writer’s Kitchen: Absinthe Cake

Earnest Hemingway didn’t like to talk about writing. Fearing that talking about it would remove the magic, he chose to let the ideas and stories percolate in his subconscious after a day’s work. However, what worked for Hemingway doesn’t work for everybody. Personally, sharing the writing process and experience with Sarah creates inspiration in itself. […]

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