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Friday Forum: 12/21

According to the Mayan calendar today, 12/21/2012, is the end of the world. Whether it is or not, the notion makes you stop and think, “Have I done all I wanted to do?”. As writers, the question may be more appropriately phrased, “Have I written all that I wanted to write?”. What are some writing […]

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Friday Forum: 12/14

The holidays are officially here and it’s time to break out the holiday stories. What are your favorite holiday books? Do you have any favorites that you read every year? Aside from Dickens, I like to curl up with Agatha Christie’s Poirot with my Christmas cookies.

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Friday Forum: 12/7

Heroes are the driving force behind some of our favorite novels. I’d like to pose this question for our metaphorical water cooler discussion today: Sherlock Holmes or James Bond?

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Friday Forum: 11/30

Today is the last day of National Novel Writing Month. So how did you do? Did you meet your goals? Or, more importantly, did you get a jump on that novel that was brewing in your head for so long? I’ll admit, I didn’t meet my goals, but I did get a great start on […]

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Friday Forum: 11/16

  We are half way through National Novel Writing Month and this is your half way point check up. You’ve made it this far! Congratulations! How are you doing? Is your work going in the direction you thought it would? Or are your characters taking you in a different direction?

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Friday Forum: 11/9

Hollywood releases dozens of movies based on books each year, but lately the theaters seem to be brimming with films based on the classics. Some movies to look forward to in the near future include Les Miserables (12/25), The Hobbit (12/14), Anna Karenina (11/16), and The Great Gatsby (summer 2013). Our book club is reading The Hobbit in […]

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Friday Forum: 11/2

It has officially started! National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is one of my favorite times of the year. It gives me an excuse to focus on writing what I love most – fiction. Of course, you can write whatever you want for NaNoWriMo, my heart just happens to be with fiction. What are your plans […]

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Friday Forum: The Giver

  I loved The Giver. Reading it in middle school furthered my fascination with science fiction and opened my eyes to themes that I continue to explore today in my own writing. Now, to my delight, Lois Lowry has done it again. Last week she released the fourth and final book of The Giver quartet, […]

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