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Introducing Friday Forum!

We know Fridays can be a drag. They can start out great because you wake up and realize, “It’s almost the weekend!” But then the lulls strike. The first time you look at the clock, it’s only 10 A.M. You brace yourself and remember, keep busy and the day will fly by, right? Then 2 P.M. rolls around, still the day isn’t over. Ugh!

Well, we’d like to introduce our Friday Forum. A pleasant little something to break up a dragging day. Not unlike the office, we’ll be gathering here around the metaphorical water cooler catching up on what writers are talking about. New book releases, writing techniques, maybe even a little celebrity gossip. Who knows!? It’ll be up to you. Because what it really comes down to is we’d like to hear from you!

Here’s how it works, every Friday we’ll post a question, quote or chatter that we’ve been hearing about and you respond letting us know what you think! Easy peasy. So check back tomorrow and join the conversation!