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Daily Writer’s Fix: December 3-7

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Washington Wheat

Whether you’ve just wrapped up a month of fiction writing for NaNoWriMo or are working on poetry or songwriting, treat yourself to some personal writing based on travel today. Pull a photo album off the shelf and choose a photo from one of the favorite places you’ve ever visited. Start by describing what you see in the photo, and see where your writing goes from there. Maybe you’ll end up with the vignette your memoir has been needing, or an idea for a travel article to pitch to your local newspaper. In any case, share the results with us in the comments section!



Rose and Blue Building

Today’s prompt is an exercise in recollection. Since we’re well into autumn and it’s been months since the summer sun warmed our skin, take a few minutes of reflection to think back to the smell of roses and the verdant scent of freshly-cut grass. Spend some time freewriting, using this thought as a starting place, and see what you come up with.



Train at Dusk

Chances are, if you’ve spent time living near the train tracks, a bus line, or airport, you’ve gotten so used to the comings and goings–and the sound that accompanies such transportation–that you don’t always notice it anymore. Don’t forget to share the entire sensory experience of your readers, however, and make them feel like they are there. Practice the art of observation in your writing today.



Fire Escape

Even superheroes feel the cool chill of metal as they grab onto railings in pursuit of the villain. Today, work on making your most outrageous or unbelieveable character a little more human.




What is your protagonist eating for lunch today? What about your antagonist’s mealtime plans? What does this say about them?

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