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Daily Writer’s Fix: December 17-21

Green Spoon Walla Walla

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Green Spoon Walla Walla

Wherever you are right now, look up. Write about what you see.



Creek in Walla Walla

It’s dusk. A bat jets out from under the bridge, then flies back under it, as the water rushes by in the creek. What scent does your imagination conjure up? What trail does that smell take you on? Maybe under the bridge? Or perhaps to one of the buildings in the background? What is happening there?



Road Trip Photo

Road trip soundtrack



Dessert in Walla Walla

Special dinners should be sensual, employing taste, of course, but also sight, smell, hearing, and touch. Think back to your most recent special night out. Document it using the sense of touch. If you like where your vignette is taking you, explore the same subject with each of the other senses as well.




Coffee, shortbread, chai–what do you order when visiting your local coffeeshop? If you’re writing from home today, do you have any treats stashed in your cupboard that could help replicate part of the coffeeshop experience while you finish off your week of writing from your desk at home?

Photos are all original. Some have been used on Daytona’s other blogs.

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