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Daily Writer’s Fix: November 19-23

Autumn Leaves

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Spider on Web

Today, try to see the world from another perspective–such as that of a spider. What does your house look like from the eyes of an eight-legged creepy crawler?



 Pears and Tomatoes

We’re entering a season of cinnamon and gingerbread, pine boughs and crisp snow-laden air. It’s perfect if you’re writing a scene that takes place during the holidays. But what if you’re writing about another time of year? Practice your ability to capture the richness of another season today, starting with the sense of smell. My description of late summer would start with the earthy scent of a ripe tomato fresh off the vine…



Rain on Steps

You’re standing under an awning, the rain falling just inches away. Use the sound of raindrops to convey a mood in a short poem or vignette.



 Autumn Leaves

While we’re on the subject of rain, take a step out into it. Run your bare hand along the cold, water-laden leaves. Write a piece that’s complementary to what you wrote yesterday, focusing on the sense of touch.



 Cookie Dough

Today eat a cookie. You deserve it. Write–about the cookie, about what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend, or about whatever strikes your fancy.
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