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Daily Writers’ Fix: September 17-21

How to use Daily Writers’ Fix



Stretch your ability to describe visual appearances today. Using the photo above–or any other photo with contrasting textures and colors–spend 10 minutes freewriting about the temperatures, moods, and emotions their appearance brings to mind. Don’t worry about it making sense or sounding great–just write! When you’re done, set it aside for a while. Revisit it tomorrow with fresh eyes. Do you like the sound of any phrases or descriptions you came up with? Share them here in the comment section.



Today just write, using the sense of smell and the photo above for inspiration or just writing whatever is on your mind. Set the timer for the length of your choice and don’t stop until the time runs out.



What do you hear in this photo? Absolute silence? The sound of children playing in the background? Work your descriptions into a scene, short story, or poem.



Get your character’s hands dirty today. Describe the feel of the dirt in the gardener’s hands, the dough between the fingers of the baker, the wet clay in the hands of the artist. This might relate to your character’s hobby or something he’s cooking, or maybe it’s a way to add texture to a scene you’ve already begun.



It’s a late summer day at sunset. What is (or was) in your character’s glass? Does it matter to your scene? It might if she’s rolling the last sip of wine around in her mouth while mentally replaying and processing a conversation or argument from earlier in the day.

Today, use a common, potentially-mundane fact like a beverage to illuminate part of your character’s personality.

Grab Bag:

It’s your turn. Look at this photo from all angles. Look at the color, the light, the shadows, the textures. What scenes does it bring to mind, what emotions? Come up with five writing prompts based on this photo. Save them in a running list of writing prompts either on your computer desktop or on a piece of paper you keep at your writing space. Better yet, type them in the Comments section below and share your inspiration with others!

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