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Daily Writers’ Fix: Taste

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever eaten? Describe the taste and the whole experience in such a way that readers will feel like they’re eating it at that moment, too.

1 thought on “Daily Writers’ Fix: Taste

  1. Sea urchin. It sounds like a bad idea, and when the generous sushi chef brings out this pale brown, giggly thing on some rice, it looks like a bad idea too. But you are paying something like ten dollars for this little adventure so you might as well. So you take a bite, and now you know, it tastes like a bad idea too. What’s currently in your mouth, has a texture akin to watered down peanut butter and banana pudding, except for the fact that it’s 20 degrees cooler than it’s ever been in San Fransisco. And that’s basically what it tastes like too. It’s like a visit to fisherman’s wharf, when you swear to yourself that every sea animal took a dump in the ocean right in front of you and then blew it up your nostrils. Or I suppose it’s also something like drowning in the ocean with a jellyfish trying to swim down your mouth. You want to swallow and just get it over with but your body just won’t let you. So now you’ve got sea urchin stuck in limbo between your tongue and that flap in your throat that tries to keep you alive, and the only thing you can think about is that eating a banana leaf was easier.

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