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Daily Writer’s Fix: February 25-March 1

How to use Daily Writers’ Fix Monday: Sight Look up. Right now, from where you’re sitting. From where your character was in the last moment before you stopped your previous writing session. From where you imagine he will be when you begin today’s plotting. Tuesday: Smell Take your antagonist on a trip. What does he […]

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Daily Writer’s Fix: February 12-16

Each day this week, go outside. Even if just for a minute or two. Put on a coat–or don’t!–and feel the cold air wrap around you, feel the chill prick your cheeks, and feel fully alive. After your moment, minute, or long walk outside, head in and write without wasting a moment. Repeat each day.

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Daily Writer’s Fix: February 4-8

How to use Daily Writers’ Fix Monday: Sight Paint something today–in your mind. Describe the process in words in such a way that will make the reader envision the image start to form on the canvas. Tuesday: Smell Why won’t your character get rid of the drooping flowers on her mantle? Wednesday: Sound   Take […]

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Daily Writer’s Fix: January 7-11 (Idea Generator, Round 2)

Whew, we made it. What I’m talking about is keeping our New Year’s writing resolutions. It’s been almost a week since we had to start getting used to writing 2013 instead of 2012, and we’ve had nearly a week to keep the goals we set. We’ll get back to our normal sensory-based Daily Writer’s Fix […]

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Daily Writer's Fix: Holiday Edition (December 24-28)

Daily Writer’s Fix: Holiday Edition (December 24-28)

Merry Christmas Eve! This week, in lieu of our usual daily writing prompts and inspiration, we’d like to encourage you to do something a little different. This week, dedicate your writing time–at least as much of it as possible–to blessing and encouraging others. Drop a handwritten letter in the mail to a good friend who […]

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