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Friday Forum: 3/5

Roger Ebert. Image from
Roger Ebert. Image from

Prolific journalist, film critic and screen writer Roger Ebert died yesterday. Whether you agreed with his reviews or not, somehow we all wanted to know what he thought about the movies we loved. He’s the reason “two thumbs up” is a staple phrase in American culture. What made him unique for his time was how he judged a movie based not only on the basic film techniques and artsy stuff, but also on how it made him feel. If he really didn’t like a movie, he came out and said it! In addition to his journalism  career, he was also a social media pioneer for writers. He has been using a laptop to email his work since the early 1990’s, kept a blog and thrived on Twitter. All this enabled his work to continue even after he lost the use of his voice (to cancer) in 2006. He truly was an inspiration to writers, journalists in particular. We will miss you Mr. Ebert.

You can read Roger Ebert’s official obituary for free online at What are your memories or experiences with Ebert’s work?

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