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Daily Writer’s Fix: March 4-8


If you’re anything like me, you read books about writing and think to yourself while writing the exercises, that’s a good one–I should do it. But the problem is, we turn the page to read the next chapter and then forget about the exercise that promised to yield some fantastic prose.

Well, this is the week to change that. In place of our usual writing prompts, I want to encourage you to pull your writing books off the shelves this week and choose one exercise to complete each day. It doesn’t matter necessarily which ones you choose, just that you force yourself to take the leap from reading about writing to actually doing it.

While you’re doing it, leave a note here and let us know what writing books inspire you most! Some of our current favorites are Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird and Dianne Jacob’s Will Write for Food.

2 thoughts on “Daily Writer’s Fix: March 4-8

  1. Thanks for the mention, Sarah! Pleased to be in the same sentence with Anne Lamott.

    1. Dianne, thanks for stopping by! You’re a great inspiration!

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