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Daily Writers’ Fix: September 24-28

How to use Daily Writers’ Fix



Despite your first impression, these aren’t dog prints. They’re cat prints. What part of your world do you need to look at more closely?



Step inside this photo and take a deep breath. Breathe in all the smells surrounding you–the salt water, the smoke from the distant barbecue. Capture a portrait of a late summer or early fall evening using your sense of scent.



Close your eyes. Not changing anything about your surroundings, just listen. Sit back and take it all in, noticing all the sounds around you, no matter how slight they may be. Maybe you hear the dishwasher in the other other room, the lapping of ocean waves outside your waterfront hotel room, or the laughter of children at the park down the street. Maybe there’s an argument in the apartment down the hall, or you’re surrounded by silence.

What moods do the noises around you suggest? Write a short story, poem, or scene that captures these sounds and moods.



Soft feathers? Coarse fur? Sharp claws? Write about your character’s favorite pet.



Your character is sitting under this umbrella. Why is he there, and what is he doing? And of course, what is he eating or drinking?

Grab Bag:

Vividly colored leaves, foggy mornings, hot cocoa–what suggests autumn to you? Develop your list into a poem or scene rich with detail.

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