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Daily Writers’ Fix: Sound

Your character takes one last trip to the beach before the sun sets on the final summery day of the year. Do the sounds of the waves make her lonely, pensive, happy, relaxed, or anxious? Why?

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  1. The beach has always had a weird affect on me. Not that I ever spend much time listening to the waves being somewhat addicted to music, and thus, my iPod. But as I stand here on the edge of summer, it has a much more profound effect. Yesterday is years ago, and tomorrow is too far away, and for this timeless moment, I am. Nothing can take me down, nothing can build me up. I’m a million miles away from anything and I am free. I can’t help but smile as the golden sun sinks into the sea. The song is “I Remember” by Deadmau5. A curious title as everything falls away; the cares, the worries, the hopes, the fears, and I forget who I am. The song itself seems to reach out and touch the world around me, as the pulsing sounds seems to ebb and flow with the waves themselves. It swells and the waves rush forward. The cascade washes over my mind and takes me away. Further along this undertow of thought, everyone who’s ever made me smile, or really, ever given me a moment’s respite from the perils of my own thought, washes back into place. Silhouettes of them are framed amidst the glowing ball in front of me, and in this moment, I thank them. For everything they’ve done, and all they’ve helped me through without so much as knowing I thought of them. And still do. A crash in mid-song breaks that current and I wonder if maybe it’s time I reach back out to some of them. As the main melody of the song surges back in, the waves lick my toes, and I curiously wonder, when it is I took my shoes off. It reaches the end of the track, but placed on repeat, just spills back in and I am lost again. As my mind slowly comes back into focus I realize I’m already halfway home. The feeling still lingers of what amounts to no more than 30 minutes of real time, but to me it’s been a life time. Maybe two. But I? I remember, I remember.

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