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Daily Writers’ Fix: Photo Week

I hope you’ve been enjoying Nooks & Cranberries’ Daily Writers’ Fix posts. This week I’d like to encourage you to stretch your imagination. So, for the next seven days I’ll be posting a photo, sometimes with one of the five senses but without additional prompts. Use those photos, along with the senses if you wish, […]

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Daily Writers’ Fix: Grab Bag

Place your character in a new city, somewhere she’s never been before. She just arrived. What does she look forward to most, and what does she dread? How does the way she approaches a new place color her personality? Optional: If you like where today’s writing is going, take it one step further and use […]

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Space Needle

Daily Writers’ Fix: Grab Bag

The setting of your story shouldn’t be an afterthought. Done well, a setting can almost be a character, helping to propel the story forward and add richness and depth to your plot. Today consider one of your primary settings. Describe it in detail, from its landmarks to its hidden corners, from its physical appearance to […]

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Daily Writers’ Fix: Taste

What’s on your character’s breakfast table this morning–steaming hot coffee, orange juice and a muffin, or scrambled eggs with bacon and a Bloody Mary? The way we start our day can say a lot about us and how we view the world. Get to know your character today by getting into his thoughts while he […]

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Ferris Wheel

Daily Writers’ Fix: Touch

What is your character afraid of? How does that fear physically manifest itself when she’s facing it? If she’s afraid of heights, does she grip the Ferris wheel seat for dear life until her knuckles turn white? If he’s afraid of spiders, does the sight of one send crawling feelings up his arms as if […]

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Daily Writers’ Fix: Sound

Today write about home. Write about your own home–from childhood or present–or where your character lives. Is it a quiet, peaceful place providing an escape from the busyness of daily life? Or do the sounds of the city–traffic, people, sirens–filter through the windows, filling it with urban energy?

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