Daily Writers’ Fix: Sight

Perched high above a city street, what does this bird observe below?

Use this prompt as an exercise to open up your imagination, using it to envision a place and what’s happening there in detail–without actually seeing it.

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  1. Brian Correia November 3, 2010 at 4:54 am #

    There’s a lot down there. Small colorful shapes moving about. Larger faster shapes moving in rows and columns. They usually flow, but stop at intersections where each row or column takes its turn. Moving, shifting in their veins, occasionally diverting, they bustle about. Sometimes the shapes stop their gross movement and settle into flailing; sometimes wildly, others not at all, but always in groups. Some shapes seem to mill about without purpose. Bouncing back and forth between unseen points. They are all so far off. Stuck in their routes at the end of these bland surfaces. Broken up by shiny reflective rectangles, they offer the occasional shelter. This is useful when one wishes to spy on the bustling shapes even closer. In other areas the surfaces aren’t so bland, and some provide no perches at all, just a flat sea of reflection. I often wonder as I stare down, what the bustling shapes wonder themselves. But I can hardly believe they wonder at all as they wander FAR too much. The bustling thins out as it gets darker. Puddles of illumination spark up amongst the veins. The colorful shapes often don larger fuzzier coatings at these times. The larger shapes never change. Not that they aren’t all different, they just don’t change their outer counting depending on the weather. That makes them boring. Plus, there are fewer moving parts, making them less to look at, and furthering the boredom. The smaller flailing things, that’s where my interest lies and I shall continue to study them.

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