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21 Moments Writing Challenge with Christina Katz

As writers, we can never get too much encouragement and inspiration. Even the most seasoned writers still have a brain and imagination that need to be continually stimulated in order to produce good work. Such assistance need not take much time or money, however. That’s what I love about the 21 Moments Writing Challenge with […]

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Daily Writer’s Fix: February 4-8

How to use Daily Writers’ Fix Monday: Sight Paint something today–in your mind. Describe the process in words in such a way that will make the reader envision the image start to form on the canvas. Tuesday: Smell Why won’t your character get rid of the drooping flowers on her mantle? Wednesday: Sound   Take […]

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Friday Forum: 1/11

Certain TV shows always inspire me and get me thinking about the writers behind them. How do they come up with such amazing concepts and ideas? What is their writing process? Where do they find inspiration? This is why I love following their blogs. Do you have any writers that you follow? What do you […]

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Friday Forum: 1/4

Earlier we shared about our favorite posts from the past year in a year end Retrospective. Now we’d like to know which ones you liked best. Share which of our posts came to be your favorites and why. Any feedback you can provide will help us better serve you in the coming year. Thanks!

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Capturing Holiday Moments

The holidays are full of friends, family and precious moments that you’ll want to remember.  Having a camera at hand is the perfect way to record those times. But what if there’s a moment that the camera missed? Painting word pictures to capture what the camera couldn’t is a priceless post-holiday gift. Writing a descriptive […]

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Daily Writer's Fix: Holiday Edition (December 24-28)

Daily Writer’s Fix: Holiday Edition (December 24-28)

Merry Christmas Eve! This week, in lieu of our usual daily writing prompts and inspiration, we’d like to encourage you to do something a little different. This week, dedicate your writing time–at least as much of it as possible–to blessing and encouraging others. Drop a handwritten letter in the mail to a good friend who […]

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