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Your Reason for Writing, and Why it Matters

Why do you write? It’s a simple question, and may seem a bit rhetorical, but I want you to answer it. Knowing your answer may make all the difference when you’re ready to give up. Take a moment and think it through. Be honest. Does your reason look anything like any of these? Words are […]

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Destination Inspiration: Walla Walla’s Green Spoon

Have you ever been in a group where everyone wanted something different? Well, one of our favorite lunching places in Walla Walla solves that problem. With variety on the menu and fresh ingredients at hand, the Green Spoon offers something for everyone. Food Advertised as serving food that is fresh, healthy and delicious, we found […]

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Daily Writers' Fix: October 15-19

Daily Writers’ Fix: October 15-19

How to use Daily Writers’ Fix Monday: Sight Who hasn’t been enchanted by a story about a secret garden or a hidden retreat? Today your character sees a hidden door–and it’s ajar! What does it look like? Does its appearance keep him away or repel him? Write a scene beginning at the moment when he […]

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Watching the Clock

Introducing Friday Forum!

We know Fridays can be a drag. They can start out great because you wake up and realize, “It’s almost the weekend!” But then the lulls strike. The first time you look at the clock, it’s only 10 A.M. You brace yourself and remember, keep busy and the day will fly by, right? Then 2 […]

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Finding Balance

Hello. It’s the middle of a new week. And I barely have any writing to show for it. Time is whirling a little out of control right now. Do you know what I mean? Just a couple of weeks ago I felt like a writing superwoman. I was at the top of my game. I […]

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Brasserie Four Macarons

Destination Inspiration: Walla Walla’s Brasserie Four

There’s nothing like a little French inspiration to get us in the mood to write. We may not be able to time travel to Hemingway and Fitzgerald’s 1920s Paris, but Brasserie Four in Walla Walla comes close. So it seems like the perfect way to start our Walla Walla-based Destination Inspiration series. Food From an […]

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Daily Writers' Fix: October 8-12

Daily Writers’ Fix: October 8-12

How to use Daily Writers’ Fix Monday: Sight After a long, international flight, your jet lagged character arrives in her hotel room. Too exhausted to even take off her shoes, she slouches into a chair and stares out the window. What’s going through her mind as she looks at the sights outside? Tuesday: Smell It’s […]

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Book & Wine Pairings: Q&A with Tero Estates

Bringing our Walla Walla book & wine pairing series to a close, we’ll have a chat with Kirsten Telander, a freelance writer in Walla Walla and co-author of “Wine Taster’s Survival Guide.” I first met Kirsten as she was representing Tero Estates and Flying Trout wines in their tasting room in downtown Walla Walla. Little […]

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