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Daily Writers’ Fix: Smell

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Chardonnay, root beer, lemon soda, or water… what are you drinking right now? Exercise your sense of smell by turning off your tastebuds for a few sips and trying one or both of these prompts: Using only your sense of smell, and without telling what you’re drinking, see if you can […]

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Daily Writers’ Fix: Grab Bag

The most brilliant of stories–fiction or non-fiction–come from nothing more than a seed. Devote at least part of your writing time today to pulling out your collection of writing ideas and see if you can find new potential in old seeds. Does time give you a new perspective on a topic, making a previously disregarded […]

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Daily Writers’ Fix: Taste

Summer is on its way out. But before it fully gives way to the full bounty of apples, squash, and stews, among other fall foods, capture your summer memories by describing the tastes of the last three months.

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Daily Writers’ Fix: Touch

The cold paint cans in her hand, the texture of the wall or appliance serving as a blank canvas–your character is doing some home improvement. What emotions does she feel as she holds a can in her hand for the first stroke? Is she covering up past memories, good or bad? Is she starting a […]

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coconut cookies

Writer’s Kitchen: Quick coconut cookies

My book group starts in just two hours and I have a delicious tarte Tatin in progress. However, I got to thinking, if I was low on time and still wanted to offer hospitality with some homemade baked goods, some Scandinavian coconut cookies would be a great alternative to a French tart. With just four […]

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